Previous Venues

The Fairford, Faringdon, Filkins & Burford Ploughing Society is indebted to the support of farmers volunteering their land for the ploughing matches, without them there would be no events.
If you are interested in hosting a future event on the last Saturday in September please get in touch through the Contacts Page.
Young plougher


2023 Black Bourton
2022 Shifford Manor Farm, Standlake
2021 Manor Farm, Faringdon
2020 (Cancelled)
Young plougher


2019 Friars Court, Clanfield
2018 Friars Court, Clanfield
2017 Southrop Farm, Lechlade
2016 Donkeywell Farm, Quenington, Cirencester
2015 Home Farm, Kelmscott, Lechalde
2014 Old Shifford
2013 Barrington Park Estate, Burford
2012 Manor Farm, Faringdon
2011 Manor Farm, Black Bourton
2010 Manor Farm, Meysey Hampton
Checking work


2009 Macaroni Farm, Eastleach
2008 Barrington Park Estate
2007 Kitemore Farm, Faringdon
2006 Kingston Lisle Farm, Wantage
2005 Weald Farm, Bampton
2004 Home Farm, Kelmscott
2003 Home Farm, Aston
2002 Barrington Park Estate
2001 No Match (foot & mouth)
2000 Chestlion Farm, Clanfield
Massey Plough


1999 Manor Farm, Hatford
1998 Rectory Farm, Langford
1997 Asthall Farm, Burford
1996 Bradborough Farm, Southrop
1995 Weald Farm, Bampon
1994 Manor Farm, Grafton
1993 Butlers Court, Lechlade
1992 Windmill Farm, Clanfield
1991 Jenners Farm, Meysey Hampton
1990 Kingsway Farm, Aston


1989 Manor Farm, Grafton
1988 Manor Farm, Hinton Waldrist
1987 Swinbrook Estate, Burford
1986 Kilkenny Farm, Bibury
1985 Windmill Farm, Clanfield
1984 Broadwell Manor Farm, Lechlade
1983 Weald Farm, Bampton
1982 Milton Farm, Fairford
1981 Ashtree Farm, Buckland
1980 Asthall Farm, Burford


1979 Manor Farm, Broughton Poggs
1978 Milton Farm, Fairford
1977 Manor Farm, Black Bourton
1976 Asthall Farm, Burford
1975 Butlers Court, Lechlade
1974 Asthall Farm, Burford
1973 Barcote Barn, Faringdon
1972 Homeleaze Farm, Hatherop
1971 Asthall Farm, Buckland
1970 Ash Tree Farm, Buckland


1969 Manor Farm, Southrop
1968 Manor Farm, Black Bourton
1967 Poulton Fields, Cirencester
1966 Home Farm, Kelmscott
1965 No Match (foot & mouth)
1964 No Match (foot & mouth)
1963 Bardwell Grove, Burford
1962 Poulton Fields, Cirencester
1961 Eastleach Farms, Fairford
1960 Manor Farm, Hatfield


1959 Home Farm, Kelmscott
1958 Poulton Fields, Cirencester
1957 College Farm, Filkins
1956 Manor Farm, Hatford
1955 Home Farm, Kelmscott
1954 South Farm, Southrop
1953 College Farm, Filkins
1952 Smokedown Farm, Faringdon
1951 Eastleach Farms, Fairford
1950 Broadwell Manor Farm, Lechlade


1949 Wadley Lodge, Faringdon
1948 (autumn) Church Farm. Little Faringdon
1948 (spring) Warren Cross, Lechlade
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