Cotswold Cart Horse Society

The Cotswold Cart Horse Society was originally formed in 1996, in order to promote the use of horses for work. The title was chosen for the society so that it incorporated all shapes and sizes of horses that have played a part in the workplace in the past, from the mighty Shire to the diminutive but mischievous Shetland.

The society is loosely centred in Gloucestershire, but with many members in the surrounding areas and further afield. The CCHS is able to offer a practical service to the members who own horses and provide a source of enjoyment and recreation to those who don’t and are simply interested in the working horse.

Our aim is to educate people with the basics of working horses and we run regular events, where our members can congregate to gain valuable hands-on experience.

The mains aims of the Society are:

  • To provide a practical service to members who own working horses and to provide a source of pleasure for all those interested in the working horse.
  • To encourage others to work horses.
  • To encourage and promote the inclusion of working horse classes at shows and ploughing matches.
  • To arrange lectures, film shows and social events.
  • To provide workshops and training days for both horse and non horse owners.
  • To encourage the junior members to work horses in order to maintain and preserve traditional skills.

Please visit our Mobile Exhibition Unit at the Working Horse area to learn more about us.

Cotsworld Cart Horse Society

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