Entries closed. Trade stands full.

Entries to all competitions have now definitely closed. So sorry if you just have not quite got round to it but that is it, we cannot organize an event like this and then accomodate more late entries.  If you were going to enter a competition then remember to enter in good time next year at Barrington.

We are also full and taking no more trade stands, food sellers  or stalls for the rural crafts tent.

22/09/2018 17:02

Lovely rain

At last this area is getting a bit of lovely rain, there is more forecast and then a dry  week.  So maybe conditions will improve for the ploughpersons.

22/09/2018 13:39

Horse Ploughing

A really good turnout of horses this year, with 7 teams competing in the ploughing competition.  Plus the Hook Norton brewery dray on site and the Cotswold Carthorse Society.

18/09/2018 21:08

Wurzels sold out

All tickets for the Wurzels and the evening entertainment are now sold out.

Admitance on the night will be by ticket only, no exceptions, so do not come unless you have a ticket.

02/08/2018 17:16
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